We like to go into depth,
not into quantity.

We provide full range of services for businesses who are eager to grow, from creating strategies to launching businesses. We prefer long-term cooperation with clients and become their partners for change and growth for a long time.

about us

Our team

We are not just a group of freelancers, but a team of people in love with their work.

Iryna Stetsevych Iryna Stetsevych
Iryna Stetsevych
Yura Parypa Yura Parypa
Yura Parypa
senior graphic designer
Anastasiia Zhdaniuk   Anastasiia Zhdaniuk
Anastasiia Zhdaniuk
graphic designer
Maryna Hoshii Maryna Hoshii
Maryna Hoshii
head of digital
Uliana Klyuka Uliana Klyuka
Uliana Klyuka
Olesia Borynets Olesia Borynets
Olesia Borynets
Olga Dolishniak Olga Dolishniak
Olga Dolishniak
project manager
Veronika Malzhenska Veronika Malzhenska
Veronika Malzhenska
creative strategist
Tetiana Khmilevska Tetiana Khmilevska
Tetiana Khmilevska
marketing specialist
Vitalii Ryhailo Vitalii Ryhailo
Vitalii Ryhailo
Olia Semenyshyn Olia Semenyshyn
Olia Semenyshyn
HR manager

Customer feedback

A few worm words from our clients❤

Viktor Rudnytskyi
Owner of ARS-DIM construction company

The construction business is quite a bulky and slow process. In our cooperation with Aprostir, we got the feeling that this “giant” suddenly gets a jet engine and your tasks completely change – now, you have to be able to timely manage the company, because you move unusually fast… It is a pleasure to work with such a team, there is nothing impossible for them, as has been proven by continuous cooperation for three years, I think there are many more (joint) successful projects ahead, which, as always, will be executed perfectly! P.S. A good mood is served together with coffee here.

Liuba Bohachevska-Jensen
a co-founder of the BO•JE family manufactory

“I remember our first meeting: we “went like a breeze” to the marketing agency to tell our idea! We even more inspired leaving them! Cooperation with Aprostir – logo, brand book and communication strategy! Support from Aprostir – shared vision and understanding! Motivation and good mood – communication with the girls from Aprostir. They did high-quality and inspiring work! If you want your vision to be broadcast in all your communication corners, Aprostir is what you need.”

Liubomyr Kitral
co-founder of OZON Development company

Our cooperation with Aprostir started by accident, but it has already become clear that nothing comes from nothing. People creating such products either understand each other from the first meeting, or they not! Lucky we are to have understood each other! 🙂

Thank you for everything!

We will continue…

Oleh Sheremeta
co-founder of OZON Development company and co-founder of L'ecler confectionery

This is a young, ambitious, creative, sincere, and most importantly, truly professional team of marketers! People who love their job and are deeply committed and passionate about every project they take on.

Vasyl and Olya Lubyk
founders of the company "Window blinds centre"

“What is important in family relations for each of us? Or in various kinds of affairs? Or in any kind of business? Or…? — Partners. Only reliable partners! Isn’t that the most important ingredient? Imagine that in each direction, at least in the important ones, you deal exclusively with them. Now just model your life. Aprostir marketing agency – you are the ones! Those partners are a pleasure to deal with. Everyone is so young, driven and at the same time caring and responsible. Just reliable partners! Thank you very much for our cooperation! It is just the beginning! And it’s great that you came to us)”

They trust us

These brands love us, and we ❤ them

OZON Development
BO•JE only wood
Жалюзі Центр
Carte Royal
Центр пластичної хірургії «ARS»
Станіславська сироварня
Будівельна компанія Спілка забудівників
prof comstetics
growness group
L'ecler шеф-кондитерська
Енергія Сонця