Don't be torn between your contractors, all your marketing is locked on us.

We provide complex marketing services that not only solve the problems of your business but also help to develop it.



A logo is a graphic representation of a company's name. We offer you several concepts for your logo and create a logobook to explain how to use them.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a system of visual elements around the brand, it includes the design of business cards and letters, advertising booklets, pens and notebooks, eco-bags, etc.

Logo character



Probably every manufacturer dreams of stylish packaging, which you want to take off the shelf in the supermarket and we turn these dreams into reality.



Landing page

A small one-page site, best suited for one product, service, event, as it focuses all the attention on a particular targeted action.

Business card website

The site, designed to become an excellent digital business card for the brand, is suitable for small companies that have a traditional approach to business and need only a presence in the online environment

Corporate site

It is a large site telling everything about your company. It suits companies with a large number of services, including several brands, represented in several market niches

Catalogue site

If there are many goods, available only for individual production, then you definitely need the catalogue site. The client can leave an application for the product, and then it's a matter of personal communication.

Online store

We believe that when developing an online store our main task is to do everything so that the user can quickly and comfortably make a purchase.

Brand platform

Brand platform is all you need to start a brand from scratch or completely renovate it. The brand platform includes: market research, name, legend, communication strategy, logo and corporate style.

Communication strategy

Dialogue with the audience is what we call communication strategy, it includes: marketing component (in-depth interviews with CA, market research), creative component (key communication messages and their visual style) and media planning (brand communication channels).


Naming (creation of a name) is an important stage for brand development, since the name must fully coincide with the company's positioning and values. Selecting a name, we research the digital environment and form options that are best suited for the company.

Customer jorney map

This map helps to improve the company's service and gives a clear understanding of the stages each customer goes through before making a purchase and helps to improve these stages.

Value offer

Why is your product unique and how can it be distinguished from its competitors? - That's the question that we can answer, having create a value offer.

SMM strategy

We create SMM strategies aimed at setting the target correctly, select target audiences, develop a content plan that will definitely interest the audience, and prepare several advertising creatives that will catch client's eye, and all this corresponds to the brand's tone of voice.

Management of Social Networks

Interesting content with unique visuals is what we love and are good at.

Targeted advertising

Getting to the heart of target audience is another challenge, but we can definitely do it. After all, every advertising campaign is written down to the smallest detail.

Google ads

Maybe somebody's already looking for you on Google, but they don't see you? Contextual advertising will solve this issue. It is a channel that will give you a chance to quickly attract the target audience to the site.