Danish and Ukrainian family manufacture

This this Danish and Ukrainian family manufacture that produce furniture from solid oak in the Scandinavian style.

BO•JE following Danish traditions in furniture production for future generations. Each stage of production, from the selection of wooden boards to the coating of finished products, they make with their own hands.





Provided services
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Site development


Naming was the first… The name of the company had to be international, since the company is entering the Ukrainian and foreign markets at once. Continued strategic sessions, study of the mentality of the Danes (since the furniture has a Danish character) led us to the fact that name should have family roots, and the family manufacture BO•JE (or Bohachevska and Jensen) was born.

The next stage was the visual style of the company, which should be concise and complete like their furniture.

The finish step in packaging the brand was the development of a communication strategy, as a result of which BO•JE got its voice, tone and began to communicate with the world.

Social networks

Running social networks of such a brand is an aesthetic pleasure. We conducted the full launch of the pages and set the target for the Ukrainian and Danish audience.

Website development

Simplicity is the height of luxury. This is just about the website of BO•JE, which is easy to use, and not overloaded with functionality and complex design, because we focus on the main thing, that is on furniture.

Firstly, we launched a test version with only a few products, because it was important for us to understand how convenient it is and what users want, as a result, the website upgraded to a full-fledged catalogue.

Розробка сайту BO•JE