Fish, please!

Hello, let’s be friends!
Fish, please!
We will talk about a restaurant in Ivano-Frankivsk City

Our main task was to deprive the seafood restaurant from the aura of the establishment for special occasions, where you are afraid of taking the wrong fork. So we created a casual image that would convey to the audience that fish can be a part of everyday life.


Fish, please!



Provided services
  • Branding


We made the logo classic, without excessive sophistication, with a slight touch of irony – we used a fish instead of a comma. But we were not ready to stop and reinforced the image with a logo character….

Logo character

Johnny Fish appeared in the restaurant, he is a fishman who talks about the news, introduces the staff and supervises Fish, please. We admit that sometimes he is allowed even more than the brand itself. If someone bring you cold pasta, he will go and kick him ass.


The main logo and logo character are combined in branding. So packaging, t-shirts, packages chat and joke with the audience, helping the brand to stand out and increase its recognition.