Full furniture Comforto

We are all different and have different desires and habits. And everyone has their own sense of Comforto.

Someone likes soft seats to sink like in a cloud. For some, it is important that the colours of the walls and furniture in the living room match. Someone needs an armrest to put the tea on while you watch the series. And someone settles down in their favorite chair in the evenings and turns on the reading lamp. When you are comfortable and beautiful, and everything is adjusted for you – this is Comforto.




2021 - 2022

Provided services
  • Digital marketing

SMM strategy

Social networks should become a channel that will interest the client to visit our showrooms in Kyiv, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. We researched the target audience, analysed competitors and identified unique advantages. We managed to form a categories for posts and stories: a perfect mix of informative, brand and fan content. We also added visibility to the company in social networks thanks to an updated visual style and brand’s voice.

Management of social networks

For about a year, we have created and continue to create high-quality brand content, show the most comfortable furniture on social networks and help provide the most comfortable service.

In almost 12 months, we published 64 posts and more than 400 Stories. More than 50 advertising campaigns were launched.

Our results:

  • Increase in followers on Instagram – 1390, on Facebook – 650
  • More than 270,000 reactions and likes, more than 1000 comments, reposts and saves, more than 800 messages
  • The average reach of profiles per month is more than 200,000 users
  • Average ER – 20.9%, ERR – 13.6%