Danish Concept

Official representative of Danish furniture brands
Danish Concept
The philosophy of Danish space

There are no unimportant things in Danish design. It is created by such details as curve, texture, slope and colour. The form reminds the content, rather than coming into conflict with it. Designers call the Danish style a silent luxury. We created this kind of silent luxury with this brand.


Danish Concept


2021 - 2022

Provided services
  • Branding
  • Site development
  • Strategic marketing

Brand positioning

Brand positioning The brand was entering the Ukrainian market, so we were looking for a way to reach the heart of consumers.

The main idea of the brand was the philosophy of Danish space.

To reinforce the metaphorical message, two strengths were adopted: the connection with Danish furniture manufacturers and a client-oriented approach. That’s how we stood out on the market as official representatives of Danish furniture brands and added another service – interior styling.

Logo as our brand became a symbol of mixing of Ukrainian and Danish cultures. Danish aesthetics became a part of Ukrainian life.

Two slightly touching semicircles work as a pattern: they can be filled both with an image or a colour.

Online store development

The online store of the company became the incarnation of the brand’s philosophy. We used a UI/UX design approach to create a functional and user-friendly website. We kept restrained colour palette and a minimalistic design.

Website is the main point of furniture sale in Ukrainian and European markets. That is why we worked on the admin panel of the site so that even an inexperienced user could download new products and update information in a timely manner.

Розробка сайту Danish Concept