Meat history Rybak

What is the meat history of TM Rybak? This is a story about delicious food. About old and new home traditions. About sausages for breakfast, chicken for dinner and a sandwich with your favorite sausage. It’s about what grandma used to cook, and what mom used to cook, and what you’re cooking now.


TM Rybak


2020 - 2022

Provided services
  • Digital marketing
  • Site development

Management of social networks

Our task was to form a loyal active audience and increase brand recognition. The only caveat was not to turn vegetarians into carnivores.

So we told meaty stories on social media, created quality branded content, applied targeting, organized contests and worked with thought leaders.

For 15 months, we published 235 publications and more than 1000 Stories, made more than 50 animations: with products and useful information for readers.

Our results:

  • Increase in followers on Instagram +1323 and Facebook+2671
  • More than 45,000 reactions and likes, more than 20,000 comments, reposts and saves
  • Average profile reach per month: Instagram 60,000 users, Facebook 120,000 users
  • ER Instagram 1.24%, Facebook 2.16%
  • ERR Instagram 2.63%, Facebook 6.49%

SMM strategy

We helped develop the positioning of the meat history of Rybak and developed a plan to implement the concept in social networks. In accordance with new goals and trends, we updated the SMM strategy.


We developed packaging for new positions and printed products: boards, booklets, catalogues and other materials that strengthen brand communication at points of sale.

Website development

The new face of the company and the concept of meat history were continued on the website. We created a corporate website with an online product catalogue and a convenient admin panel.

Розробка сайту TM Rybak