Construction company OZON Development and smart cottage town OZON Village.

The main idea of OZON Development is to create smart spaces for living. Modern houses in which the latest technologies are harmoniously combined with nature. The cottage town OZON Village is the first project of the construction company and included 45 premium houses connected with convenient infrastructure. The town, created in line with the highest standards of ergonomics and energy saving, makes a new meaningful lifestyle devoid of urban worries.


OZON Development


2020 — 2022

Provided services
  • Digital marketing
  • Site development
  • Strategic marketing


Penetration of a new player into the market, when it is a construction company in Ivano-Frankivsk, is a challenge, as they say, a “bloody ocean” in the niche. That is why we started to analyse the state of the low-rise estate market in Ivano-Frankivsk and the whole Ukraine. We researched the tastes and needs of the target audience, and from this we assembled an image of an ideal cottage town, and this is what we got.


The visual style of the company has already been developed before we started our work, so we only had to create a communication strategy that would be able to convey to the audience all the advantages of OZON Village and help them feel what “life in the OZON style” is. Then there was a lot of work on the preparation of printed production and other elements of corporate identity.

Digital marketing

We started work in social networks and with contextual and banner advertising according to the developed communication strategy.

Website development

An important stage of the work was the development of website that would fit perfectly into the concept of a cottage town and would be as functional as OZON Village.

Розробка сайту OZON Development